Immerse In the Beauty of Wildlife of Tadoba National Park

Tadoba National Park, being one of the best places to find tigers in India, can be best explored on open jeeps. This technique of excursion is called as tiger safari and typically few hours to traverse through. If you make a open jeep tour across the Park, you will be stunned to find the wider view of the habitat as well as an opportunity to spot tigers and many other species in the wild. The jeep safaris are operated in the morning and once in the evening. There are 6 tourism gates in the Tadoba tiger reserve. One can take Tadoba Jeep Safari through the National Park unlike the other reserve where there is a restriction in the movement. Moharli Gate is one of the oldest entrances to the park for enjoying excursions and also the most popular one. The distance of this gat from Nagpur is 180 kilometer. The vehicles allowed for tiger safari are well maintained by the authority.

Various attractions of Tadoba National Park

Tadoba tiger reserve is present in the land area covering 623 square kilometer, comprising of 2 forested rectangles of Andhari and Tadoba range. The park is composed of the dense clad mountains from the western and northern boundary of the Tiger reserve. In the middle part of the western boundary of park, there are hill contours, which form the chichghat valley.

Wildlife of Tadoba National Park Wildlife of Tadoba National ParkThis valley is considered as the tiger trails estate, which is ringed on 3 sides by the park jungle. To the South side, presents the Irai Lake, which is approximately twenty kilometers in length and forms the southwestern boundary of tiger reserve. The main water resource can be found at Chichghat, at the Tadoba rivulet that is cascaded across the rocky hills to the northern part of the valley, traversing through the camp and towards the Irai Lake.

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